Argus API

The Argus API is the data and database that powers Argus eLearning and ClientCenter. Argus API is structured as an API that facilitates access of the data warehoused within these software modules. With this API structure, Argus products can easily and efficiently facilitate 3rd-party cloud integration and collaboration.

Argus eLearning

Argus eLearning is a Learning Management System that enables online self-paced education. The LMS software was built by Argus in 2011 specifically for a client, AltusMedical, LLC. Argus acquired AltusMedical, LLC in August 2013. Argus eLearning is sold in a SaaS format to our clients. The software is purchased by the end user for an initial license and set up fee and a recurring monthly fee.


Argus Client Center (2015 Release) is a powerful, feature-rich CRM and opportunity management and tracking tool. It tracks and manages a client’s activities by synchronizing with Google Calendar and Contacts, and integrates with the client’s mobile device (Apple iPhone, iPad and Google Android). ClientCenter will automatically link email correspondence and contacts, and assign accounts and contacts to different affiliations and marketing campaigns.

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AltusMedical Group

AltusMedical Group is a family of companies and services that focuses on continuing medical education and building connections between pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, health care researchers, physicians and patients.

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