Who we are


Argus Invent Inc., based in Madison, WI, was founded by Daniel G. Guerra, Jr. in 2012 as a successor to Argus Innovations which was co-founded in 2002. Argus Innovations initially focused on providing custom websites to small and medium-sized businesses. Today, Argus develops and implements LMS and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for enterprise customers using a SaaS model. Argus eLearning is currently used in higher education and the healthcare industry. Although Argus enjoys high demand in the educational and healthcare industries, interest in other business sectors continues to grow. ClientCenter is scheduled to release in 2015.

What we do

Create. Innovate. Inspire. CI2.

Why we do it

We’re passionate about technology that works well and improving lives through sharing information and education.

Management Team

Daniel G. Guerra Jr.

Daniel G. Guerra Jr. is the Founder & CEO of Argus, originally established in 2002 with a focus on custom website development for small and medium-sized businesses. Since the company was founded, it has recognized unmet market needs, driving a significant shift in product focus. Argus is dedicated to developing and delivering web application software built on a SaaS model to address growing market needs.

Daniel has established a software vision for Argus based on the Argus API. Argus API is a scalable platform which makes data easy to access and manage, and functions as the foundation for multiple services such as Argus eLearning, ClientCenter, etc. Argus API allows 3rd-party developers and cloud services to access ClientCenter data, making it easy for companies to adopt the software and giving companies a clear and flexible path moving forward.

With over 14 years in the technology industry, Daniel transformed Argus Invent, Inc. from serving locally-based small and medium-sized businesses into a worldwide provider of enterprise level products.

Tom Rebholz

Tom Rebholz, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships brings 25 years of sales experience including over 20 years of enterprise sales. He has managed and developed sales teams utilizing inbound and outbound sales and marketing systems. Tom has successfully launched several technology products into the marketplace. He is deploying an inbound marketing, outbound sales and social media system that nurtures and increases customer engagement throughout the sales process to launch AltusMedical products.

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Michael Reuhl

Michael Reuhl, Operations Manager is responsible for day-to-day operations of Argus and its subsidiaries. With a focus and emphasis on execution and follow though. Skills include departmental organization, workflow mapping, entity creation and curation of corporate books, contract and business relationship documentation, modification and creation, accounting, human resources. Daily management and direct responsibility for development, implementation and client services departments.

Core responsibility is to stay informed of the progress of each department, diagnose and implement efficiency systems, and to ultimately report directly to the CEO of both progress and deficiencies.

Work with each individual to strengthen, grow and expand skill sets, and create complimentary teams to accomplish cooperate global end goals with a vision for scaling and expansion.

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Nicole Martinez

Nicole Martinez, Director of Product Development

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Mike Wagner

Mike Wagner, Chief Marketing Officer Leads marketing strategy for key business units: AltusCampus, AltusHealthKit and AltusMedical with parent company Argus corporate brand management. Developing go-to-market strategies for pipeline products and services.

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